Minimize Puppy Stress During a Move: Rent Plastic Moving Boxes

Moving to a new home is an exciting time for us. However, it can prove a very stressful time for our pets, particularly dogs. Pet lovers know that dogs and puppies love their habit and routine; any type of disruption to their normal schedule can cause anxiety. If you have a move coming up, it's important to keep a few critical tips in mind to ensure you and your puppy make a smooth transition to your new home.

Rent Plastic Moving Boxes

Many moves begin with the decision to rent plastic moving boxes. This can prove especially significant when moving with a dog. Rent plastic moving boxes at least a few days before you move and leave them out in plain sight so your pets can get used to seeing them. Letting them adjust to the moving boxes can reduce stress levels on the big day. Additionally, start to gather up all of your puppy's belongings (toys, balls, bedding, etc.) into one room. Collecting these items in advance means you can easily pack them up right before the move.

Make A Moving Day Plan

Having a moving day plan can also lower anxiety in pets. The commotion of a move can prove extremely stressful. Keep the routine as normal as possible to instill a sense of calm during the activities. Also, plan on keeping your dog in a quiet room with a door that closes to ensure they won't run off, or bring them to a friend's house while the majority of the moving occurs.  

Settle In Slowly

A new space can feel unsettling to puppies. Allow them to settle in slowly, and with your supervision, to make the transition as positive as possible. Start with just one room at a time. Find the rented plastic moving boxes that hold your dog's personal belongings and setup in this designated room. Every day allow the puppy a chance to explore a bit further until they have completely adjusted to you new home.

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