5 Tips For Moving Back Home With Your Parents

Whether moving back home was your plan all along or an unexpected detour in life, it's common to have mixed feelings about it. As you arrange your moving box rental, keep these points in mind to make the transition smooth for both you and your parents.

5 Tips To Make Moving Back Home Easier

  1. Respect, respect, respect! Respect your parents. Respect the space. Respect the questions you'll get about your work/life situation. Be considerate and let your parents know if you'll be out late or not coming home at all. Don't treat the house like a hotel where you come and go as you please with no regard for others in the household.
  2. Create goals. Don't move home and lounge about. Use the time to go back to school, look for a job, or volunteer to further improve your marketability. Create a deadline for when you hope to be able to move out and share your goal with your parents.
  3. Share the load. Do not under any circumstances revert to your teenage self. Do your own laundry. Pick up after yourself. Cook for your family once in a while. Share in household chores. Act like the adult you are and you'll be treated like one.
  4. Speak up. If your parent is being intrusive, overly protective, or upsetting you, tell them! Explain how they are making you feel and remind them that you aren't the kid you used to be. Of course, you need to back that up by acting your age and demonstrating the same courtesy to them that you want for yourself.
  5. Use this chance to get to know your parents. You're a grown-up now. Use this chance to get to know your parents as people, not just as your parents. Your relationship can actually thrive in your new situation if you all show one another respect and courtesy.

Call Your Parents, Then Call BBX Moving For Moving Box Rental

When you decide to move back home make your first call to your parents and your second to BBX Moving. We'll set you up with an affordable moving box rental plan that will get all your belongings safely home. Visit https://bbxmoving.com/ to learn more about our moving box rental options!