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Terms and Conditions:

  1. Code must be mentioned at time of quote request.
  2. Must engage BBX for 2 services (Moving, Box rentals or Storage). $100 divided between 2 services.
  3. Cannot be combined with other promotions.

Move Checklist & Instructions

Here is a list of Do’s and Do not’s for your moving


Move Checklist & Instructions

  • Reserve elevators on both sides – Elevator delays will add to cost of the move.
  • Reserve parking spot for the moving truck. In Vancouver, reserve meter spaces at least 3 days prior to your move: City of Vancouver 604-871 6730 or click here for link to website. Fines from lack of proper parking space(s) will be passed on to client.
  • Children and Pets: Please make prior arrangements to have children and pets offsite on moving day. We will stop a move if we find that your children and pets are in danger or if their presence can potentially cause accidents – no exceptions.
  • Carry with you, do not store and don’t send with the truck: passports, MSP cards, insurance, emergency information, medication, laptop/phone chargers.
  • Carry-on bag: Pack a small backpack for 1 night. Clothes, toiletries, towels, bedding, water, snacks, vitamins, medicines, glasses, shampoo – this will help you settle in on your first night.
  • Documents: Back up computer files. Carry with you: passports, MSP cards, Credit cards, insurance, emergency information.
  • Keys: Have all keys to the house in one spot (storage locker, doors in the house, garage door, etc.) and readily accessible.
  • Modem/chargers/routers/ phone: Keep your modem and home phone in an accessible place or in one box to hook up quickly .
  • Have a Checklist of items and please share it with us

Packing day

  • Feel free to start the dishwasher in the morning, we will pack it when it’s done.
  • Let your packers know what are the items you don’t want to pack and where did you place items to carry by yourself.

Moving day

  • Do make sure that hallways and entrances are not obstructed
  • Do let us know which items are fragile and/or of high value and which items you need immediately at your new home
  • Do remove light bulbs from lamps and take lamp shades with you.
  • Do inform us if there are other trades there on the day


Our crew works hard to make sure you’re moved out and in as safely and quickly as possible. In order for us to do this we need your co-operation. Apart from telling us where you want your furniture placed and which box goes where, please:

  • Do Not direct our movers nor get into the back or front of the moving truck. If you insist on doing so, we will be released of all responsibility from any potential damage and/or accidents from that point forward.
  • Do Not pull picture frames of the wall
  • Do Not empty cupboards and shelves and make “piles” of “stuff”, packing and moving will take longer. When emptying cupboards please pack them in appropriate boxes. If unsure please ask us.
  • Do Not start cleaning your house until the move is complete

Our movers are trained to spot dangerous/hazardous situations and will refuse to move certain items if they feel it is unsafe to do so. In such circumstances, we will work with you to find an alternative solution. Please respect this decision.

Please respect our movers. We are humans and not robots. You can expect the crew to take timed breaks especially if your move is 6 hours or more.

  • Payment: The total invoice is due upon completion of the move. We accept: Credit cards or cash only.
  • Tipping: If you feel we’ve done a great job, please tip generously!
  • Claims: Please inform the team lead immediately. Refer to our cargo and insurance policy for more details

Move Checklist & Instructions

Here is a list of Do’s and Do not’s for your moving


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