Smart Moving Supplies Help Your Holidays Stay Happy

Moving over the holidays can put a damper on your family’s celebrations and enjoyment of what should be a happy time of year. Don’t despair--with some smart choices in moving supplies and a bit of creative planning in advance, you and your family can still enjoy the holidays and begin building memories in your new home!

Smart Moving Supplies Help Your Move Go Better

One of the smartest choices in moving supplies is renting reusable moving bins instead of buying old-school cardboard boxes. Reusable moving boxes are made from recycled plastic and their heavy-duty design allows them to stand up to about 400 uses before they need to be retired and recycled. With wet weather in the forecast throughout the holiday season, you’ll appreciate the seamless construction of the bottoms of the boxes. They provide excellent protection against water damage and crush damage. The rugged interlocking lids stand up to stacking much better than crushable cardboard too. You can make better use of your truck space without worrying about your boxes giving out and destroying the contents.

Plan Your Holiday Before You Pack

Think about what things matter most in your holiday celebrations, and which ones you’re most likely to need before you’re completely settled in. Do you have special dishes or tableware? Do you have a special serving platter from your grandmother? Will Christmas Eve not be complete without hot cocoa in your special holiday mugs? Whatever it is that makes your holiday seem complete, pack it separately from your regular household goods. Pack everything you need for a happy holiday celebration, and put it together in clearly marked boxes. You may not have time or energy to do all of the things you’d normally do to celebrate (maybe outdoor decorations will have to be minimal, for example), but you don’t need to miss out entirely.

In fact, a new house offers a great opportunity to start new traditions, so think about what simple things you might be able to do in your new home to make your new house feel like home. If your kids are old enough, think about giving them more responsibility in preparing for the holidays while the adults work on getting the house unpacked and settled.

You may not have time to write holiday cards like you normally would, but maybe you can make a family night of writing postcards on New Year’s Eve and getting them ready to send to family and friends, so they’ll have your new address. Even small children can help; they love sticking stamps!

Pro Tip: If you want to order gifts online, try to have as many of them as possible shipped to your new home, but don’t order them until you’re already there fulltime, or you may be tempting thieves.

Reusable BBX Moving Boxes And Other Moving Supplies Delivered

When you order your heavy-duty plastic moving bins from BBX Moving, we’ll deliver them along with any other moving supplies you need, at your convenience. Call or contact us online for a quote, and we’ll help you figure out how many boxes your move will need.