Save Big By Getting The Right Commercial Move Supplies

The costs involved with moving your business can get out of control quickly if you don’t have a solid plan from the beginning. That includes planning to minimize down-time and maximizing your moving budget. When you start with commercial move supplies that make packing and unpacking faster and prevent unnecessary costs like breakage and damage, you’re off to a smart start. Renting reusable plastic moving bins helps your move stay on budget and helps you get back in business as quickly as possible.

Less Expensive

Rental moving bins made from heavy-duty plastic are designed to stand up to the rigors of about 400 uses, which means that you’re only paying for a small portion of their cost when you use them. Add to that to the fact that you won’t have to waste money on dozens of rolls of packing tape, you can pack safely with less packing material, and you’ll save significantly over buying cardboard boxes, tape, paper, bubble wrap, etc. One BBX Moving customer estimates that he paid between 20 and 25 percent of the cost of buying cardboard when he moved his insurance agency.

Another way these commercial moving supplies can slash your moving costs is by safely stacking much higher than cardboard boxes. Your movers can load more BBX Moving Boxes onto the dolly or hand truck, and the boxes can be stacked higher inside the van, so you may actually be able to rent a smaller vehicle.

Less Breakage & Damage

These sturdy, moving bins are molded so that the box portion is a single piece. That means, in addition to being virtually crush-proof, they’re highly resistant to damage from being dropped, and won’t let rain, snow, dust, or pests in to damage your goods. The lids interlock and close without tape, and they feature a raised edge that prevents any box from sliding out of the stack you place it in, even in a moving vehicle. Cardboard box stacks easily slide apart, even when they’re tied down.

Less Downtime

Building and securely taping a cardboard box takes a couple of minutes, and that box has to be taped again once it’s loaded. That might seem inconsequential until you stop to realize that moving your business will likely take a few hundred of those cardboard boxes. BBX Moving Boxes come in two ample sizes, and require about two seconds of set-up and sealing time: Flip the lid open, load the box, flip the lid shut. Done. The rental moving bins are delivered in nested stacks on dollies, so it’s easy and efficient to roll the dolly along as you pack. Plus, you’ll always have the box size you need ready at hand. Because of the heavy-duty protection these bins provide, you’ll spend less time wrapping items, and waste less space with fluff.

Your movers will spend less time loading out and less time arranging the cargo in the truck, and when you arrive at your new location, unloading and unpacking is just as fast and easy. When you’re ready, just let us know, and we’ll come pick the bins up, so you don’t need to worry about how to cram all of your moving waste into the recycling bins.

Commercial Moving Supplies Delivered & Picked Up As You Need

Give BBX Moving a call or contact us online to learn how much money you can save on commercial moving supplies when you rent reusable plastic bins instead of purchasing cardboard. We think you’ll be surprised and relieved!