How To Save Money Working With Moving Companies In Vancouver

Moving can be expensive and stressful; it’s a task no one really looks forward to. Here are some ways to keep the budget and your stress within manageable limits while working with moving companies in Vancouver.

Choose A Cheaper Move Date

If you have the ability to choose the time of year you’re moving, you’re likely to find better rates in winter and spring, than in summer or fall. Sometimes, you don’t get a choice, and you have to move when your new job demands it, or when your home sells and the new owners are ready to move in. Even in those common situations, you can save some money by moving in the middle of the month and in the middle of the week. Because end-of-month and weekend moves are the most in-demand, you’ll pay top dollar to schedule movers then. If you choose a move date that coincides with the moving companies’ less-booked periods, they’ll be more willing to offer or negotiate a better rate for your move.

Pack Efficiently

Obviously, if you clean out your home and donate items that don’t really need to go to your new home, you’ll save on moving costs. Another way to unlock big savings is to pack in reusable moving bins. They’re often cheaper than purchasing cardboard boxes and tape and they’re a lot sturdier so your goods are better protected. The reusable plastic boxes come in uniform sizes which means they load efficiently into the truck. Their interlocking lids are reinforced and have a lip that keeps them from sliding so they can be safely stacked much higher than crushable cardboard. Not only will your movers be able to fit more things into the truck, but they’ll also be able to load faster.

Think Ahead To Unloading

Consider using a colour-code system or specialty labels with room names on each bin. When you arrive at the new house, put a matching label on every room, so the movers can see at a glance where everything belongs and don't have to waste time asking where to put boxed items. That leaves you free to direct placement of furniture and appliances while the movers are able to stack more boxes safely for faster unloading. If you can plan a box “drop zone” in each room – a place where you are not planning to put furniture, and won’t block traffic – you can speed unloading along even more, and unpacking goes much faster when everything is already in the right room.

Convenient Delivery & Pick-Up Of Reusable Boxes 

Skip the cardboard boxes for your next residential move in Vancouver and save yourself serious money. Contact us for help planning how many reusable moving bins you’ll need to rent and we’ll schedule delivery at your convenience. The bins arrive nested and sitting on a wheeled dolly so they’re easy to work with as you pack. Once you’re unpacked in your new home, stack them back up and call us to pick them up. It really doesn’t get any easier!