Should you Pack it - or Junk it?

You’re preparing for a move. You’re going through every cupboard, drawer, file, nook and cranny to find and organize items for transportation to your new digs, and you’re undoubtedly surprised at just how much stuff you have actually accumulated over time. You’re not alone!

It’s human nature to accumulate things: things that we need, things that we want, and things that hold sentimental value. Moving is a great time to give thought to how much of your stuff you really want—or need—to take with you.

Start sorting through your things early so you’re not packing anything that doesn’t need to come with you to your new home or office. For everything you want or need to take, make sure to pack it in sturdy, affordable BBX Moving Boxes, available in two convenient sizes. We’ll drop them off for you, you’ll fill them up and move them, and we’ll pick them up again. Order them by the box or take a look at our packages. BBX Moving can also supply 100% recycled and biodegradable wrap for your fragile items and BungoWheels so that you can stack your BBX Moving Boxes and move them with ease. Pretty convenient, right?

So, what about all that stuff you don’t want or need to take? You can sort through it all and determine what you want to donate and what gets the toss, or you can reach out to the folks at Just Junk and have them do that for you. They’ll remove everything from furniture and appliances to clothing, garbage, yard waste... Everything but the kitchen sink. Unless you want them to take that, in which case they will! If the furniture you are letting go of is in good shape, Just Junk will bring it to a local charity, and if they remove building supplies that are still usable, they will bring them to Habitat for Humanity.

So, sort before you pack: you’ll feel better for it!