Important Factors to Consider When You Rent Plastic Moving Boxes in Vancouver

If you’re about to begin a home move across Vancouver, you have multiple activities to consider before the move is complete; but few are as significant as the packing process. The moving boxes you choose to rent for your move to a new property in Vancouver must be of the optimal quality to protect your belongings and streamline the moving process. For past moves, you may have purchased cardboard boxes from the hardware store or even collected some free boxes from the grocery store. While these options might have been suitable a generation ago, there are now far better ways to complete the transition to a new property. At BBX Moving, we work with our clients to help understand their needs and create a moving box rental solution to suit their specific requirements. Keep reading to learn about the important factors you need to consider when renting plastic moving boxes in Vancouver.



The durability of the moving boxes you select is a critical consideration. The boxes should be designed so that they don’t fall apart when they come into contact with water. Even the smallest rainstorm can turn the sturdiest cardboard into a mushy, papery mess. Box designs should also be crafted to protect your belongings. And this means they should be sturdy during travel, to ensure they don’t tear or chip when the moving truck goes over bumps in the road. Our products are made from extremely durable, industrial-strength plastic to ensure your belongings are safeguarded at all times.



The practical use of the moving boxes is a factor that many fail to consider when selecting moving boxes for rent. Boxes should be manufactured so that they’re designed for ease-of-use. You should be able to stack the boxes one on top of the other, for example, to easily store the boxes within the moving truck. In addition, the moving boxes you rent should be easy to hold when walking with them from the truck to the home. This will help prevent injuries and allow for a more comfortable moving experience.

They also save you a ton of time as cardboard boxes need to be put together, eating up precious time that could be used on countless other moving obligations (such as packing!). Our moving box rentals arrive ready to go, no setup needed. Best of all, you will not have to worry about breaking these boxes down and somehow stuffing them into your recycling bin. We will pick them up for you to save you even more time throughout the process.



The cost of the boxes should be a leading element in your selection process. Buying boxes can be an expensive endeavor. Beyond the box itself, you will also need to purchase tape and other packing items to make the boxes move ready. Yes, you may be able to wrangle up a few cardboard boxes for "free." However, this can often cost you in the long run. Should the cardboard box break, your personal belongings may be damaged, requiring the expense of replacing these items. A rental option often proves more economical. 


Renting moving boxes doesn’t have to be costly and homeowners can make significant savings by working with a moving box specialist that offers package deals. It’s a component that the team at BBX Moving takes seriously while we help clients consolidate their moving costs.


Environmental Impact

Using rented plastic moving boxes instead of cardboard boxes is also better for the environment. Products such as BBX Moving are designed to be used without tape and packing materials, and unlike disposable cardboard boxes, they’re completely reusable. This means that homeowners can do their part in protecting the environment by turning to plastic moving boxes for their Vancouver move.

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