Happy Earth Day Canada!

April 22nd marks another Earth Day on this wonderful blue planet that we call home. It’s a day to reflect and ask yourselves what you’re doing to keep your earth pristine and healthy. Here at BBX Moving, we’re no different!

How is BBX Moving helping the environment? Let’s focus on the Three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Reduce: By using BBX Moving when you move, you’re reducing the number of cardboard boxes that are created. In turn, you are also reducing the number of trees and amount of processing required to make those cardboard boxes.  Studies show that a cardboard box will only get used twice on average before losing its integrity and being thrown out or recycled. (And speaking of Reduce: using BBX Moving reduces costs by an average of 50% compared to cardboard boxes!)

Reuse: Did you know that a BBX Moving can be used 100s of times?  You may only use them once for your move, but these containers really get a workout over their lifespan! Reusable containers make a smaller impact on the earth.

Recycle: Each BBX Moving is made of recycled material and at the end of its life span, each and every BBX Moving is recycled.

Thinking of the environment during your move is important but being green the whole year round is even better. Make sure to take into account the Three R’s daily!

Happy Earth Day Canada!  We would love to hear what you are doing as well!