With Reusable Boxes For Rent, Vancouver Residents Can Make Their Moves Greener

As public awareness grows about how much harm one-time use products and packages can do to the environment, many people are adopting more green practices in their daily lives. If you are planning a move you can make it greener with reusable moving boxes for rent. Vancouver-area households can call for delivery of durable moving boxes made of recycled plastics featuring sturdy lids that allow the boxes to be safely stacked much higher than cardboard. When you’ve finished unpacking, the boxes are picked up, cleaned, and are ready to be used by another household. They’re engineered to be used up to 400 times before they need to be retired and recycled! Even the most conscientious of people can only use a cardboard box three or four times before it’s no longer fit to use; most people recycle them after only one or two uses.

Less Packing Material For Greener Moves

Because cardboard boxes often collapse during moving, people often use a great deal of single-use packing material to protect their household goods from being crushed, and most households need several rolls of plastic packing tape to build, reinforce, and seal their cardboard boxes. When you make use of reusable boxes for rent, you get a rigid container with an interlocking lid, so you don’t have to waste packing materials like rigid cardboard inserts or Styrofoam to keep your property safe, and no tape is required. For most items, recyclable packing paper is adequate to ensure safe arrival and extremely delicate items may require bubble wrap, but the amounts needed are significantly less than with cardboard boxes.

Help Lower Fuel Consumption And Vehicle Pollution, Too!

Many people are surprised to learn that the green benefits of reusable boxes for rent don’t stop at manufacturing and disposal. In fact, packing in uniform-sized boxed that are designed for safe stacking means that your movers can load your goods into a smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicle with lower emissions, so you’re also helping the environment by lowering fuel consumption and vehicle pollution in your community. You’ll probably save money by hiring a smaller truck, and you’ll pay for fewer labour hours because the movers can stack more boxes safely onto their dolly or hand truck to load, unload, and deliver them.

The Icing On The Cake

Even brand-new cardboard boxes are covered in dust and paper particles from the process of cutting. Used cardboard boxes have had a chance to collect even more dust and dirt and possibly other allergens like pollen and mold spores. Everything you pack into those boxes needs to be cleaned, and the boxes themselves deposit all kinds of mess in your new home that you’ll have to clean up. Reusable boxes are clean to begin with and feature water-resistant tops that help keep dirt and dust out, so your household goods come out as clean as when you packed them. Therefore you won’t waste time cleaning products, electricity, and water as a result of using them. By moving with reusable boxes for rent, Vancouver residents can make their household moves more environmentally friendly from start to finish.

BBX Moving Helps You To Move Greener

BBX Moving allows you to protect your belongings in strong, ergonomic boxes while keeping cardboard out of our landfills. Contact us for more information on how BBX Moving can make your next move green.