How To Save On Moving Supplies And Have A Happy Move

When it comes to moving your household, the number of things to get done and the costs involved are enough to give anyone heartburn. By ordering reusable plastic moving bins and moving supplies, Vancouver and Edmonton residents can relax a little, because we’ll deliver them to your door and you’ll save money by not using cardboard. We’ve also got some smart ways you can make the process of packing and moving less stressful!

Clean Out The Pantry First

The kitchen pantry is one of those things that many people often put off cleaning out until it’s too late and they end up packing expired food. Start by going through the pantry as soon as you know you’re going to be moving, and get rid of everything that’s expired. Not only does this cut down the number of things to pack, but it’s a prep-step you can do without making piles all over the place that will get in your way later!

Attack The Closets And Cabinets Next

By starting as far in advance as possible, you’ve got a little breathing room, so rip into that linen closet, the bathroom cabinets, and the bedroom closets. Be merciless as you go. If you’re having a hard time deciding whether something stays or goes, picture it in use at your new home. Does it fit in? Keep it! If it seems iffy, put it in the donation box and move along. If you have a local charity that picks up donations, schedule that as soon as possible to keep yourself on track.

Think About Moving Supplies As You Go Through Everything

Since you’re going to go through most of your possessions in this preparation phase anyways, keep notes on what you’re going to need to pack so it will be easier to make an accurate estimate of what types of moving supplies you’ll need and how many reusable bins to order. Empty BBX Moving Boxes nest together on a wheeled dolly so they won’t clutter up your workspace and their strong interlocking lids allow the loaded boxes to safely stack higher than cardboard boxes.

Convenient Delivery Of BBX Moving Boxes And Moving Supplies In Vancouver  

Contact us to schedule delivery and you can cross one big source of stress off the list. If you find you need more reusable moving bins or moving supplies, we’ll come back to drop off some more. When you’re unpacked at your new home, let us know, and we’ll come to pick everything up. It just doesn’t get any easier than packing and moving in BBX Moving Boxes!