Tips for Moving Office Furniture and When to Hire Professional Movers

Relocating your office takes more time than you plan, especially when it comes to logistics. When moving the most cumbersome items - your furniture - damage can easily occur. But how can you avoid it?

The Benefits of Office Movers

Sure, you could move your office furniture yourself, but is that always the most cost-effective way? Upfront costs of hiring professional office movers might be a little daunting but what if your high-quality office furniture gets damaged in the process?

Especially when you’re using your own team of employees, the care and consideration of proper office furniture protection might leave something to be desired.


When moving your office furniture using professional movers, all the proper protective supplies are available to ensure safe transport to your new location. Supplies include bubble wrap, sturdy, stackable moving boxes, rolling dollies, to name a few.


Expertise is also not something you shouldn’t discount. Professional office movers are able to create a detailed moving plan that makes the most out of every effort and take every business need of yours into account. Part of this includes installation and disassembly for furniture that can’t or shouldn’t be moved as a built piece. This is done to avoid damage to your existing furniture, so you don’t have to add office furniture shopping to your long to-do list.


Lastly, professional moving companies take the extra care to develop a plan, all of which is included in the initial contract that is signed by both the movers and the business that is moving. This provides additional assurance that your business is protected should any physical or confidential is damaged.

Keeping Your Furniture Damage Free

If hiring professional office movers just isn’t in the cards for your business at this time, it’s still important to consider the protection of your office furniture when moving it from place to place. After years of moving both residential and commercially, here are our top tips for moving your office furniture safely.

●  Bubble wrap. For delicate and highly breakable items, bubble wrap is important to avoid breaking and chipping.

●  Stackable, waterproof boxes. Gone are the days of cardboard moving boxes. Not only are these a pain to build and break down, but they are often not sturdy enough to withstand a move. Instead, plastic reusable moving boxes add additional protection from breakage but also from water damage. For more on BBX Moving rentals, visit here.

●  Plastic covers. For absorbent surfaces, such as chairs and cushions, it’s important to protect your fabric office furniture from dirt, dust and stains.

Protect Your Investment

Office furniture can be costly, especially when you have a large team - don’t let moving damage your existing office furniture.

The end goal of professional office movers is to provide you with all the time that you would have lost while moving, letting you and your team focus on the work that matters to your business most. This includes getting your office furniture from A to B without damage, so your team can move in as soon as possible.

To learn more about the process with professional office movers, BBX Moving, click here.