Supplies and Suggestions for Moving Your Vancouver Office

Moving your Vancouver office, in the rain. Can anyone think of a more undesirable task than that? We certainly can’t. 

There are lots of ways moving an office can seem like a painful chore, but add our frequently dreary and inconvenient Vancouver climate into the equation and that chore feels more like a cruel joke. Now, we’re not saying Vancouver isn’t a beautiful place to live – the breathtaking mountain-meets-the-ocean landscape is second to none, and that isn’t something many of us feel inclined to give up – but when it comes to the already substantial job of relocating an office, sometimes we just need a little help from our friends (and ideally a break from the rain).

Luckily, moving your office doesn’t have to begin and end with you and your supplies and expensive equipment getting drenched – enter your trusty commercial moving company! 

Some SMB owners adopt the notion that their company simply isn’t large enough to warrant hiring professional movers – and that’s totally understandable in some cases. However, it’s important to consider ALL potential costs (and mishaps) pertaining to an office move when mulling over your options. You might think the only cost-effective solution out there is DIY – and while there are definitely some ways to cut costs in this scenario, when doing up a realistic moving budget you might discover that it’s possible to keep your expenditure down even with services or rented supplies from a moving company. 

Let’s talk a little bit about the concerns of undergoing a move yourself, using your own supplies…

One of the bigger risks involved with your company moving its own office is the cease of other important, time-sensitive work. Where valuable clients are concerned, taking on the enormous task of moving your office could shift your entire workforce’s energy away from client needs, which is never good for business. Subsequently, you will find that many fall behind in regard to their actual jobs and once the move is finally complete, a rather taxing game of catch-up is necessary. This can cause more harm to your bottom line than would have been caused by hiring movers in the first place – a lesson many SMB owners have had to learn the hard way. 

Another trope in the DIY moving experience is using the wrong supplies, particularly when it comes to moving boxes. Cardboard can be flimsy and unreliable, and DEFINITELY isn’t waterproof - when moving valuable office equipment in the Vancouver rain, the last thing your SMB needs is damage to such items, which in some cases could result in actual replacement. This is why using cardboard boxes and/or inadequate packing material might end up being a very costly mistake.

On the other hand, companies like BBX Moving don’t just offer affordable moving services, but also tried-and-true moving supplies like durable (and did we mention waterproof?) plastic crates and dollies. These help you to avoid your worst nightmare as the owner of a small business. Our crates come in different sizes and offer protection from the elements as well as lower the risk of breakage, thanks to their built-in handles and easy-to-carry design.

If your business isn’t in a position to hire professional movers who can guarantee your office relocation is a smooth and stress-free transition, we hope you’ll at least consider the use of professional moving equipment, which can be easily rented from dependable moving companies like BBX Moving. Contact us to learn more.