The Benefits of Hiring a Packing Service for an Office Move

Moving an office to an entirely new location can be a daunting and strenuous task. Hiring a professional packing company to assist with your office relocation could reduce stress and ensure a much smoother experience. Additionally, your employees can put less focus into the impending move and instead shift their attention back to more important business roles. There are more than a few reasons why hiring a packing service provider like BBX Moving is the best way to get the job done. When it comes to office relocation, there are so many more “moving parts” (pun intended) than residential, one of them being that your business must keep running while you work out logistics and make your preparations - in other words, it’s a whole different animal…

Here are some of the many benefits to hiring a packing service for an office move:

  1. Access to High-Quality Supplies & Equipment
    If a company attempts to move offices without the use of professional movers, it is likely that the company will pack important and expensive office equipment and belongings using cardboard boxes which aren’t necessarily durable enough to provide adequate protection. In contrast, professional packing service providers have specialized equipment and tools required to safely move even the heaviest office items, including solid packaging crates, hoisting straps, dollies, ramps and custom trucks.
  2. Save Time
    Time is money! Moving offices is a tedious process that can take days or weeks without professional packing service providers. In the chaos of moving, the business might be at a costly standstill because employees are too busy packing up and moving boxes to perform their day-to-day business tasks. Professional movers have both the skill and experience needed to move large and unwieldy items quickly without incident. The truck will be filled at a quicker pace because there’s no need for several lengthy trips back and forth. A moving company will give you a date and time that you can expect all of your office items to arrive at the new location, safe and sound. Professional companies like BBX Moving pride themselves on prompt service.
  3. Safety of Assets
    As professionals, office movers have the expertise and equipment required to safely pack fragile office items. You can rest easy knowing that with a good commercial moving company, this is their livelihood. The success of their business relies solely on the satisfaction of their customers. Without professional movers, however, office items are more likely to be moved haphazardly, which increases the risk of breakage as well as personal injury. By leaving it in the hands of professionals, companies can be assured that their valuable assets will be protected at all costs – in fact, most professional moving companies sign a legal contract before they begin safely moving offices.
  4. Affordability 
    There is a misconception that professional office movers are expensive. Many SMB owners avoid hiring a company because they assume it’s more cost-effective to do everything themselves – but this is not the case. When comparing the cost of moving an entire office yourself with hiring professional movers like BBX Moving, you will find that you actually save money.

Businesses can’t remain in business if changing locations means dropping everything in the name of DIY. Let BBX Moving take the stress of moving off your plate so you can focus on running your business. Contact us to get started.