This Is What Vancouver Business Owners Should Discuss With Their Office Movers

Moving offices is a huge undertaking, and can be a lengthy and arduous process if not done right - finding a reliable moving company is the most stressful part. From smaller local companies to national long-distance movers, there are a lot of businesses to filter through in the research and decision-making stages. When selecting movers, you will want to find a company that is time-efficient and effective, but also budget-friendly – and there are a few things to consider. Continue reading to find out what you should keep in mind when hiring office movers. 

When considering a Vancouver-based moving company, below are the foremost matters you should be discussing:


This is virtually the most important aspect to cover with a moving company when it comes to relocating your Vancouver office. Typically, a mover should always be able to give you a rough estimate without necessarily completing an on-site assessment. The billing system is usually based on an hourly rate, with considerations for the number of trucks and equipment needed, as well as the size of the truck(s) and moving personnel required. Long-distance relocation is more costly and will usually require an on-site assessment due to the more complex nature of the move. It is worthwhile to go over the terms, cost involved and payment schedule with your mover.


One of the most critical things to discuss with a moving company before making a commitment is liability — i.e. who is responsible in the event of loss or damage during transit. It is recommended that discussions surrounding liability are had with each potential moving company. When moving an entire office, there is a great deal of company money on the line in the form of valuable equipment, furniture, and documents – and in some cases, liability can be limited. As well, prior to the move and with your supervision, the moving company should itemize existing flaws or damage to your office furniture, equipment and other belongings. This detailed assessment can help resolve any future claims or disputes should they arise.


Businesses only want to entrust their office equipment and valuables with a moving company that is capable. Some moving companies do not have the facilities, experience or adequate personnel necessary to successfully and efficiently relocate offices. This is why both large corporations and small businesses prefer to hire trusted and capable moving companies like BBX Moving. One clear indicator of a company’s capability is sub-contracts. If the selected company outsources major parts such as moving trucks, or requires sub-contractors to execute any portion of the job, make sure to check their credentials and request references.


Moving offices can be quite taxing because it requires a lot of time and physical effort - it can take days, weeks or even months to complete, especially if not entrusted to professional movers like BBX Moving. In the midst of an office relocation, client needs might be placed on the backburner or everyday business tasks might come to a screeching halt. This could cause a significant threat to the business, particularly in the case of startups. Timeliness of delivery should always be discussed with the moving company prior to making a commitment. 

There should be no doubts about the efficacy or efficiency of your chosen moving company – that’s why BBX Moving is here for you. Contact us now to learn more about our top-of-the-line commercial moving services.