Are Recyclable Crates Cheaper Than Cardboard Boxes?

Moving an office from one location to another is among the most challenging situations a business can face - without proper handling by professional moving companies like BBX Moving, it could have a negative effect on the business. A lot of questions are asked in regards to moving offices, such as which company to hire, when to move, and what materials and supplies to use.

Today we will focus on the best options when it comes to moving supplies/materials. 

Packaging materials used during the moving process are either Recyclable Crates or Cardboard boxes. Typically, the decision surrounding which to use rests on the moving company (although the preference of the client is a big consideration). Over the years, plastic crates (or “recyclable crates”) have proven to be the most cost-effective alternative to cardboard boxes and you’re about to find out why.


Cardboard boxes are quite expensive in comparison to any pre-bundled recyclable crate packages. Additionally, recyclable crates are bigger than conventional cardboard boxes. To match the same cubic packing space as recyclable crates, more cardboard boxes must be purchased.

It is recommended that cardboard boxes be sealed and packaged using duct tape, masking tape or strapping tape. Though this detail may seem trivial, it contributes to the overall cost of the move. Apart from the countless rolls of tape needed to wrap and bundle the boxes, a tape dispenser, box cutter and scissors are recommended to streamline the packing and unpacking process. This additional cost (and stress) can be avoided by using recyclable crates or plastic totes.

Lastly, cardboard boxes require dollies or hand trucks due to the lack of handles. Securing a dolly will not only increase the cost of moving but also the time it takes to move. Unlike cardboard boxes, recyclable crates have handles, making them easier to lift and stack. Renting plastic crates will save you the time and cost involved in acquiring dollies.


  • 41% of waste found in modern day municipal landfills is made up of cardboard and paper products, and approximately 90% of all office equipment and personal belongings are packed in a cardboard box.
  • For every ton of cardboard used, about 17 trees are cut down.
  • On average, about 50-100 cardboard boxes are used to pack up one family home and about 70-150 cardboard boxes are used to pack up a business comprised of 10 offices. Most of these cardboard boxes are not recycled or reused. 

Unlike most cardboard boxes, plastic crates are recyclable and reusable – therefore, substituting cardboard boxes with recyclable crates will contribute to a greener environment by reducing the amount of waste. As for your bottom line, recyclable crates are a cheaper option when it comes to moving. 

BBX Moving offers durable and recyclable plastic crates that will assist you in the moving process. Contact us now to kick-start your move.