Ditch the cardboard boxes for moving, rent moving boxes instead!

Moving is already a stressful transition in your life that requires a lot of planning and a lot of boxes. Naturally, we go for the obvious option, which is cardboard. Although cardboard is easy to find, and it meets your needs, cardboard boxes can put your item at risk of suffering damage and can break easily.

There are many alternatives to using cardboard, one of which is rental boxes! Renting moving boxes instead of cardboard boxes can help you save time and money and is a more sustainable choice. There are many reasons why you should make the switch. This article will highlight the top benefits of renting moving boxes.

Benefits of Renting Moving Boxes

Below we have listed the top four reasons why renting moving boxes is a good investment.


Compared to boxes designed to move a comparable amount of goods, renting reusable bins comes in about 50 percent cheaper than buying cardboard boxes. It also takes away the cost of other supplies such as tape and all the other stuff you have to buy to pack your possessions “safely” in cardboard. BBX Moving plastic moving bins are built to last through about 400 moves, which means that you’re only paying for your own share of their use, and you won’t have any time or expense in disposing of them when you’re done using them.

Protects Your Household Goods Better

BBX Moving Boxes feature seamless, moulded plastic bottoms so there’s no chance for water to seep in and damage your packed items. The interlocking lids seal without tape and can withstand stacking significantly higher than wimpy cardboard boxes. Plastic moving boxes are made from top quality materials for optimal strength, durability and endurance.

The plastic moving boxes can be returned to your provider so they are available for other movers. Unlike cardboard moving boxes, reusable plastic moving bins are designed to stand up to wet and slick conditions. The heavy-duty bottoms are completely non-absorbent, so there’s no chance for water to seep or soak in. The interlocking tops are engineered to keep moisture and debris out and to stack higher, safely, than crushable cardboard boxes.

Environmentally friendly

Less wasted cardboard, plastic packing tape, Styrofoam packing sheets, and packing paper mean less strain on the environment. When you think of the potential waste generated by 400 households, that’s a significantly smaller amount of material being sent to the recyclers or, worse, to the landfill. When BBX Moving Boxes reach the end of their useful lives, they’re recyclable, and new ones are made from recycled materials. Many providers actually use products made from recycled provisions, granting you the reassurance that you are not increasing your carbon footprint by using plastic.


When you rent plastic totes from BBX Moving, we’ll deliver them and pick them up, so you don’t even need to spend time on that part of the process. You can work your way through your home in an orderly fashion. This will help you to stay on task until the packing is done, instead of running back and forth between homes. You’ll spend less time on moving day, too, because BBX Moving Boxes stack securely so you can load them onto a hand truck safely, instead of carrying 2 or 3 lumpy, fragile bags or cardboard boxes at once.

 For those seeking a more useful, environmentally-viable option for their Vancouver home moving needs, BBX Moving boxes are the leading solution. To learn more about BBX Moving and the benefits the product offers during the moving process, contact the team at BBX Moving directly via 604.323.0020.