Accidents Happen: Rent Durable Moving Boxes In Vancouver For Premium Protection

Life is unpredictable and accidents can happen at any time. Moving is an exhausting process, and let’s face it, that exhaustion can cause us to forget things and be a bit more accident-prone than usual. When you use durable plastic moving boxes to pack your Vancouver home, you give yourself and your household goods a serious layer of premium protection.

One Of Our Florida Customers Experienced BBX Moving Protection Firsthand

When this BBX Moving customer in Florida went back for his third and final load, he forgot to tie his load down inside the trailer. He realized his mistake when he hit a culvert in the road and heard his boxes full of dishes and glasses shift and fall. “I thought, ‘that’s it. I’ll just trash it,’ and I was gonna have to buy 22 BBX Moving Boxes.” He was pleasantly surprised, though, when he opened the trailer to find all the BBX Moving Boxes intact, and all the contents unbroken.

Our rugged, reusable plastic moving boxes are made from recycled materials, and they’re engineered to last through about 400 uses. The interlocking lids don’t require tape to seal, and the entire container is virtually crush-proof.

In addition to giving your property premium protection against drop, fall, or crush damage, BBX Moving Boxes are resistant to all kinds of environmental threats like rain, snow, dust, and they won’t harbor pests. The entire bottom of the box is one durable piece, and the sturdy lids stay closed to keep anything from blowing in while you’re loading and unloading.

Much Tougher Than Cardboard

If you’ve ever overloaded a cardboard box or stacked cardboard too high, you’ve already seen how easily they wilt, split, and crush. Plastic moving bins are designed to be safely stacked higher, and they feature a lip around the edge of the lid, to prevent your stacks from slipping apart in transport. That means you or your movers can take bigger loads on the dolly or hand truck, and you can ultimately fit more boxes into your trailer or van by stacking higher. Don’t try that with cardboard.

Call BBX Moving For Heavy-Duty Plastic Moving Boxes In Vancouver

If you’d like to save money while protecting your household goods, go with heavy-duty plastic moving boxes for your next Vancouver move. Call or contact BBX Moving online, and we’ll help you decide how many boxes you need and schedule delivery at your convenience.