Recyclable Crates for the Win

Anyone who has ever moved house can probably recall the large number of cardboard boxes it took to get the job done.

It all starts with sourcing moving boxes; either spending money on new ones, asking family and friends for spares, or perhaps even driving around to various local grocery stores in search of leftovers. After that comes the building/assembling process, followed by hoping they are sturdy enough to withstand the move.

Once the move is complete, there is still work to be done. Next, you will need to remove all the old tape, flatten the boxes, load them up and drive them to the recycle depot. Simply put—it’s a lot of hassle.

The good news is that there’s a fantastic, cost-effective alternative. Here at BBX Moving, we rent recyclable crates—in fact, we deliver our BBX Moving Boxes (and dollies) right to your doorstep and pick them up at the new location once your move is complete. No extra work for you, no stress, no fuss. But that’s not the only advantage to renting recyclable crates.

Environmentally Responsible

Compared to their cardboard counterparts, reusable plastic moving crates are much more environmentally-friendly. Not only are they highly reusable, once they do reach the end of their lifespan they are broken down, recycled and made into new items. 

Recyclable plastic crates do not require any plastic tape—saving you money and time while keeping single-use plastics out of landfills.


Unlike conventional cardboard boxes, with reusable plastic crates, you won’t experience damaged corners, collapsed lids or fragile items falling through the bottom (we’ve all been there!)

Furthermore, these crates are designed to be stacked and moved on a dolly —saving time, money and back pain! When using stackable plastic crates, you’ll find the moving process to be much quicker and less stressful. With the ability to safely and securely stack up to five boxes on top of each other, you’ll require fewer helpers (and trips back and forth). Once loaded into the moving truck, you’ll also notice how much space you save by stacking BBX Moving Boxes, which ultimately reduces fuel consumption and your carbon footprint.

In addition to being sturdier, recyclable crates are weather-resistant. No longer will the Vancouver rain put a dampener—pun intended—on your moving day.

Designed for Easy Lifting

Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic crates are designed for easy lifting.BBX Moving Boxes are equipped with handles so that movers of all strength and experience levels can easily manage. Another fantastic advantage is that they are designed to fit through most standard doorways—no need to awkwardly tip and rotate boxes to fit through doorways and up/down stairwells.


Moving day can be expensive. By saving time, you save money. Using stackable plastic crates will reduce the need for professionals as well as the time it takes to successfully complete a move.

The cherry on top is the benefit of avoiding substantial preparation and planning when it comes to acquiring all appropriate supplies—everything you need is delivered to your home and collected when you’re done. Who could ask for a simpler process than that?

If you’re planning a move and would like to know more about our ‘BBX Moving Boxes’, contact us or receive a free quote today.

On behalf of all of us at BBX Moving, we wish you a happy and stress-free moving day!