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Office Furniture Placement & Installation is Not Cut and Dried

A city like Vancouver is defined by more than just its gorgeous landscape. It is also recognized as the corporate hub for many large businesses such as Lululemon, Aritzia, and Herschel. Many Vancouver startups have expanded into massive enterprises and still call Vancouver home to their head office. With so many businesses residing in our beautiful city and its surrounding areas, there are plenty of offices that require assistance with furniture installation and configuration.

You might think that hiring professional movers for the relocation process is where the story ends—however, office furniture installation can be a huge job (if you’ve ever had the privilege of building Ikea furniture on your own, you’ll know that it’s not exactly the most joyous experience).

When it comes to office furniture, there is much more involved than just the installation, which is stressful enough—especially if we’re talking about a large space with a substantial amount of furniture.

There are many ways furniture setup and placement can affect your ability to achieve optimum productivity, as well as create a space-efficient and aesthetically pleasing workspace.

Productivity and Functional Office Space Go Hand-in-Hand

Like with any workspace, peak efficiency and productivity is attained when furniture setup is methodically thought out and positioned. This is why many business owners opt for hiring professionals to ensure the most technically sensible and aesthetically attractive space—so that everyone, from employees to clients, can benefit.

It is a fact that poor furniture layout and design can have a negative impact on productivity. According to one study, a whopping 97% of professionals said that “their current workplace design drained their ability to focus to some extent, while 46% of them described the existing design as ‘impacting heavily’ on their productivity.”

This would absolutely trickle down to the very foundation of a business and its ability to maximize and monetize.

According to World Economic Forum, “if an office is configured correctly and furniture is not so rigidly arranged, then quarterly update meetings, as well as evening presentations, can be held in-house. Over the course of the year, that can result in not insignificant cost savings.”

It is also noted that “however furniture is positioned within the office, ensuring that employees have the privacy and the personal space they need to get their work done is key. And in modern offices, design choices also need to accommodate technology and wiring for maximum connectivity.”

When you put a high importance on furniture placement, you will see an undeniable increase in your employees’ work output, which ultimately has a positive impact on a business’s success

These guidelines go for companies of all sizes and in fact, small businesses will absolutely see the benefits of incorporating these practices into their office workspaces.

When it comes to the installation of office furniture, the same rule applies as with commercial moves—it is always advisable to enlist the services of professionals, as this can be a lengthy and arduous process. To install office furniture for a single room is one thing—but it would cost more time and energy than most can afford to install and arrange furniture for multiple rooms of an office.

We at BBX Moving are experts in office space planning and furniture installation. We will configure your new or existing space to meet growth requirements, organizational changes and operational goals to create a better workflow and maximize available space. Contact us to learn more.