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Supplies, Preparation, and Budget, Oh My!


When it comes to moving, there are many reasons why some folks make the hard decision to take the DIY route. We can’t blame them, sometimes the most complex and stressful path is the only one meets your budgetary requirements. However, there are more options at your fingertips than you might think…

Any move can prove extremely draining, both mentally and physically— that is if you must forego professional movers.

Professional movers are well-equipped with proper training as well as adequate supplies to navigate tricky or seemingly impossible circumstances, i.e. maneuvering a narrow hallway or stairwell while carrying bulky furniture. For some, this is reason enough to leave it to the professionals and not risk causing any damage to the property or the possibly expensive and fragile items being moved.


There are plenty of special supplies needed to make your move, such as cardboard boxes, tape, bubble wrap, dollies, ramps etc. These can make for a much smoother loading/unloading and transport process. For a breakdown of the various supplies needed for any type of move, feel free to refer to our blog on this topic.

On the other hand, when you hire a company like BBX Moving, you don’t have to worry about buying and building cardboard boxes, or taking several taxing trips back and forth. We have much sturdier and more space-efficient plastic crates which can store far more than the average cardboard box.

It’s a fairly easy assumption to make that if multiple boxes were stacked together during the highly repetitive back and forth moving process, one could save large amounts of time. Luckily, our reusable moving crates are stackable, making it possible (and safe) to utilize more space in the moving truck, without running the risk of having items break during transport. This is enormously cost-effective as it requires less trips (meaning less time and fuel) and potentially even eliminates the need for multiple moving trucks.


Here’s the thing—hiring professional movers is, although favourable, not always economically sensible no matter which way you slice it. That’s why many reputable moving companies offer cost-saving supplies like moving crates, even if you won’t be pairing them with professional movers. You can easily rent all the equipment you need, such as dollies and trucks, without the added expense of hiring help. This is a very popular option when it comes to residential and small office relocations. However, we would always recommend going for the full package with regard to a larger office move.

With a company of substantial size (for example, upwards of 100 employees), you might think that they can afford unfortunate mishaps, like a computer breaking. While this is generally true, as with all large companies, there are potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment on the line—and most of a company’s resources are allocated elsewhere. Typically, there isn’t a dedicated amount stored away in the event that multiple expensive items break.

So while there is definitely something to be said for large companies hiring professionals, in the case of a small office or residential move, you can absolutely get by with simply renting the appropriate supplies. This ensures you save time, while keeping within a modest moving budget. Contact us today to get started.