Plastic Moving Boxes Make Moving Suck Less

As a general rule, moving sucks. You have to take a nice, orderly home that you’re comfortable in and turn your entire life into chaos for the duration. Add to that the incredible expense that is often involved. Take a deep breath and take a moment to consider how renting plastic moving boxes can help make moving suck less!

Spend Less

Overall, customers who rent plastic moving boxes from BBX Moving spend up to 50 percent less than people who use old-school cardboard boxes. That may sound like some overblown, pie-in-the-sky number, but we’re serious. Consider the fact that BBX Moving Boxes are already assembled and they have interlocking lids, so you can forget about buying dozens of rolls of expensive packing tape. Because they come in two uniform sizes, you’ll be able to arrange them more efficiently, and the strong lids allow you to safely stack boxes much higher than cardboard, so you may even use less linear truck space.

The heavy-duty plastic moving boxes resist puncture damage and the bottoms are a solid piece, so no moisture or pests can get in to ruin your household goods, so you’ll probably experience less breakage and other damage during your move.

Waste Less

Because the rigid sides of the plastic moving boxes afford better protection than cardboard could ever hope to, you can use less purchased packing materials like paper and bubble wrap, which will go straight into the trash after your move. Use items you’re already going to pack, like blankets, towels, and even clothing to cushion fragile items. That way you won't have to worry about things getting broken if the box tears. Smarter packing means less waste and less drain on the environment and your wallet. Speaking of which, BBX Moving Boxes are engineered for up to 400 uses, made from 100 percent post-consumer materials, and they’re fully recyclable when they’re finally worn out.

Stress Less

Whether you have to move before the snow melts or during spring rains, you can stress less about the safety of your packed items because plastic moving boxes offer so much better protection against the elements.

Another way BBX Moving Boxes help reduce your stress load is by delivering all the boxes you need for your move to your home, on a schedule that suits your needs. Once you’re done unpacking at your new home, we’ll come and pick all the boxes back up. If you find you need more boxes, we’ll bring them right out, and if you need more time than expected to unpack, we’re happy to reschedule to suit you. Packing is faster and easier when you’re using virtually crush-proof boxes and don’t have to worry about stuffing them with waste material, just to keep them from crushing in transit!

BBX Moving Can Make Your Move Suck Less!

When you’re ready to start planning your next move, give BBX Moving a call or contact us online.  Our representatives will help you figure out how many boxes your move will take, and we’ll schedule a delivery date that works for you. Your BBX Moving Boxes arrive on wheeled dollies, so it’s easier for you to move each stack along as you pack. Stack the packed boxes up high to keep your floor space clear, so you can be more confortable until moving day arrives. After you’re done unpacking, we’ll whisk the plastic moving boxes away to clean and sanitize them for the next household!