How Moving Box Rentals Makes Moving Easier And Cheaper

When you use cardboard boxes to move your household, you’re buying into an expensive process that sucks up your time, causes all kinds of hassles in packing, moving, and unpacking, and is ultimately bad for the environment. Using moving box rentals gives you the use of far better materials that save your money and provide better protection, while also saving you time and aggravation, all while helping take some strain off the environment, too!

How Are Moving Box Rentals Different?

BBX Moving moving box rental brings heavy-duty plastic moving boxes to your door, ready to get packing. The plastic moving bins are made from 100 percent post-consumer materials, so they keep material out of landfills right from the start. They’re designed to withstand up to 400 uses, so when you rent them, you’re only paying for a small percentage of their cost. The boxes are cleaned and sanitized between uses so you won’t find any unpleasant surprises inside, like you sometimes do with cardboard boxes. When the boxes reach the end of their useful lives, they’re recycled again, so using them contributes significantly to the amount of waste not placed in landfills from household moving.

How Else Will They Save You Money?

Because the boxes are fully assembled when they arrive, and they use interlocking lids to close, you won’t need to buy even a single roll of expensive packing tape. The rigid side of the boxes also means you won’t need to stuff the boxes with paper or bubble wrap to ensure that they don’t crush or collapse when stacked. In fact, the solid bottoms keep moisture and pests out, and are nearly impervious to puncture or crush damage, so you can safely use things you were going to pack anyway to cushion fragile items. Use your t-shirt collection to protect the dishes; you don’t have to worry about getting nasty stains from wet cardboard, or risk tears in your clothes, towels, or blankets. When you combine items in this way, instead of filling boxes with useless packing materials, you’ll end up using fewer boxes in total. Fewer boxes also means less truck space, and less labour time for loading and unloading.  Moving with virtually crush-proof boxes also means you’re likely to get into your new home with little to no breakage of the items you packed.

Save Your Time And Nerves

Packing and unpacking tend to bring out the worst in everyone, as the entire household scrambles to wend their way through the increasingly difficult labyrinth of boxes through the entire space. Slower packing with cardboard boxes doesn’t help the situation any. Nor does having to deal with stacks of empty boxes that need to be broken down and disposed of after the move. When you use BBX Moving moving box rental, we’ll drop off a neatly nested stack of uniform-sized boxes on wheeled dollies, so it’s easy to move them through your space to pack.

As you unpack in your new home, stack the boxes back on the dollies and when you’re done, we’ll come pick them up, so you can rest, relax, and enjoy your new home.

BBX Moving Moving Box Rental Makes Moving Stink Less

Moving stinks, no matter how you slice it, but BBX Moving makes moving stink a lot less. If you’re planning your next move, give us a call or contact us online. We’ll help you decide how many boxes your move will take, and set up delivery on your schedule. Moving box rental through BBX Moving helps your move stink less, saves you money, and helps the environment!