Be Eco Smart and Save Time with Reusable Boxes and Moving Supplies in Vancouver

Each day, more and more people become cognizant of their duty to the environment. The earth has become overwhelmed with disasters like wildfires, oil spills and mass pollution - and more often than not, it has been man who struck the match - literally and figuratively. Because of that growing awareness for the environment and its fragility, people are taking more steps to safeguard planet earth for future generations. Many are investing in eco-friendly alternatives wherever possible and just looking for ways to do their part and make a difference. 

With all that said, today we will discuss all the ways renting plastic crates is actually better for the environment than purchasing cardboard boxes. 

When one thinks of plastic, there is often a knee-jerk reaction in regard to the harm it does to our planet. While we agree that plastic as a whole has been the source of much environmental turmoil and damage, there is a very big distinction we sometimes forget to make when it comes to plastic use.

Single-Use Plastic: The Environmental Killer 

Single-use plastic, fairly self-explanatory, is a type of plastic that is either not reusable or very rarely reused. Some examples of this include plastic straws, water bottles, grocery store bags, garbage bags, Ziplock bags and cling wrap. Sure, some of these items CAN be reused, but it is extremely uncommon for people who support the production of such items to be environmentally conscious enough to practice the reusing of them. Therefore, these are considered to be among the most destructive to our ecosystem/oceans. This is why we have all been highly encouraged to incorporate reusable or biodegradable alternatives into our day-to-day routine. Some examples include beeswax-based wrap, cloth/reusable grocery bags and reusable water bottles. Some places, such as California, have even gone as far as to ban single-use plastic bags. 

Cardboard in general can be extremely eco-friendly if made up of recycled material and/or reused – however, this is not often the case, particularly where moving boxes are concerned. Around 95% of manufactured cardboard boxes are discarded after a single-use. This is generally due to the flimsy nature of cardboard moving boxes - they are notoriously less durable than plastic crates and therefore, easily breakable - making them difficult to reuse. 

Plastic moving crates, on the other hand, are exceptionally durable and very much reusable, making them a popular option among environmentally conscious offices and individuals.

Reusable, Not Single-Use

Going with reusable moving boxes can be more than a life saver, it can be a tree saver too! By choosing BBX Moving moving box rentals instead of purchasing cardboard boxes for your move, you can save up to 2.5 trees. In fact, according to calculations by PACKSIZE, moving box rentals for a five-bedroom home or the equivalent can save over 2 trees, while even a one-bedroom space can save over half a tree from not using cardboard boxes.

By choosing reusable moving boxes rather than cardboard, you’re able to cut down on the number of materials used to produce brand new cardboard, as well as the materials needed in order to safely secure your moving boxes and to effectively recycle the boxes when you’re done.

At BBX Moving, our crates come in different sizes, are extremely user-friendly and stackable for efficiency - saving you gas and trips back and forth. Equipped with handles for an easier loading/unloading process, these eco-friendly plastic crates are a good option for any office or residential move. 

We can all take small steps towards a greener earth, and each decision has the potential to impact the environment in a positive or negative way. Lots of cardboard is technically recyclable, but it is not always recycled. Additionally, if cardboard boxes were more frequently reused, they might be the superior choice. 

With BBX Moving, you can feel confident that our crates are strong and as reusable as they come.

What Do BBX Moving Box Rentals And Supplies Include?

BBX Moving offers a wide variety of moving solutions, from moving supplies a la carte to full-service moving coordination. Regardless of your business’s needs, moving supply rentals can supplement your move and make your business’s exciting transition that much more effortless.

For residential and commercial moving purposes, BBX Moving supplies offer:

●      Large BBX Boxes Boxes

○      Size 17” x 27” x 12”

●      Extra Large BBX Boxes Boxes

○      Size 20” x 28” x 15”

●      BBX Moving Dollies

○      These are custom fit to the Large BBX Boxes Boxes available for rent.

Each box that is rented and delivered to your business comes with labels for easy, organized moves. Traditionally, purchasing cardboard boxes and other moving supplies typically involved picking up supplies from the store and returning to the store when you inevitably forgot or underestimated the supplies you needed. With BBX Moving’s moving supplies service, everything you need is delivered directly to your business ready to go and will be picked up when you’re all done with your move. It’s that simple.

Of course, with every rental, our moving supplies are sanitized between every use and ready to be packed!

Save Time and Reduce Your Impact

By choosing moving supplies from a professional moving company in Vancouver, many businesses are able to stay in alignment with their values, especially when it comes to remaining environmentally conscious.

In addition to reducing environmental impact, renting moving supplies cuts down on the amount of time shopping for supplies, revisiting stores to restock, taping and cutting open boxes and recycling supplies once you’re completed. Switch those countless hours to productive work time when you choose to rent sturdy moving boxes and supplies from BBX Moving in Vancouver.

Let us help you move while saving time and reducing your environmental impact! Head to our contact page to get a quote on your upcoming project needs, or call 1.855.286.4629 to speak with our team of experts.