Take the Stress out of Moving by Using Moving Boxes for Rent

Alongside the day-to-day operations of your business, moving to a new space adds an extra layer of stress and logistics that can be difficult to manage for you and your team. That’s why moving boxes for rent from BBX Moving can be the perfect solution to simplify your business’s next step!

Moving boxes for rent can offer a variety of benefits that help to reduce the inevitable stress that comes with moving.

Moving Boxes for Rent Vs. Cardboard

Moving boxes for rent offer a variety of benefits that differentiate them from the traditional cardboard boxes that have been used for moving for years up until now.

Moving Boxes For Rent

●      Hard outer shell protects fragile items

●      Resistance to elements, especially water

●      Easily opened, for quick access to things you need

●      Moving box rentals typically operate on a specified timeline, which motivates you to complete your move by a specific date, rather than draw out the unpacking for weeks or even months.

Cardboard Boxes

●      No need to return them when completed, you can take them to a recycling depot when you’re done unpacking.

●      Susceptible to damage, especially as a result of water or pests.

Using the BungBox System Is Super Simple

Moving boxes for rent are efficient and easy to use. We recommend a few key steps to make the most of your rented moving boxes.

●      Pack your BungBox on it’s rolling dolly (Since you won’t have to lift it, you can make the most of the box by filling it to the top!)

●      Label each box as you go to remain organized once the boxes are closed

●      Stack your next empty box on top and repeat!

●      Wheel the dolly effortlessly to the moving truck and into your new place.

The rolling dolly is key to efficiency and saving your team’s back from heavy lifting. If your project is too large for your team to take on, our concierge service is happy to help. Whatever the size of your project, we’re able to tailor moving boxes for rent to your specific needs.

The “White Glove” Service

If your team can’t complete that move on its own, BBX Moving offers a level of concierge service that isn’t always offered with traditional moving companies (and especially not if you’re planning on doing it yourself).

Our moving service not only comes with moving boxes for rent but can also include full packing and unpacking services, furniture installation and IT services so you can simply walk in and begin your workday as usual. Our staff is highly trained and professional; in fact, BBX Moving employees are bonded and uniformed to ensure a service that fits right into your unique business needs.

Move Efficiently with BBX Moving

Traditional moving methods can be costly and unorganized and stressful, even if you’re moving for better opportunities! With clean, reusable and stackable moving boxes, your move can be much more simple and efficient.

Tell us about your move! Head to our contact page to get a quote on your upcoming move, or call 1.855.286.4629.