People tend to move from one place to another every time. It is vital to know the type of movers to use when moving from one place to another especially in Canada. Searching the internet for movers is a “de facto”. It provides the searcher with plenty of choices. Unfortunately, the internet can easily shadow the difference between a commercial mover and a regular mover. Commercial movers are different from Regular movers. They require special expertise—something that regular moving services don’t always offer. Commercial movers often require different equipment and have strict rules and deadlines; the logistics can be complex. This is the point where experts at BBX Moving can help.

Regular Movers?

Regular movers are also known as “Residential Movers”. These are the companies/people you hire when you want to move from an old house/apartment into a new one. A family may need to move to a new house. This means items such as furniture, clothing, and utensils will need to be boxed, packaged and transferred to the new house.

Commercial Movers?

Commercial movers are the ones in charge of handling business or office relocations in case you need to move your business to a new office or to establish a new branch in a different city. Similar to the regular movers, commercial movers usually offer both local and long-distance moving services. Unlike the regular/residential movers, their target audience is companies, small and medium scale enterprises. Commercial movers are essential because business equipment, machinery, and tools are very delicate and complex hence movers must go through extensive training and use specialized equipment.

Difference Between Regular Movers and Commercial Movers

Target Audience

Regular Movers’ target audience is mostly individuals and families, unlike the commercial movers that are more focused on companies and businesses. Regular movers’ customers are usually household planning to move from their old house to a new one or from one city to another while Commercial movers’ major customers are businesses moving to a new office or to establish a new branch in a different city.


It is crystal clear that commercial movers require more planning due to the transportation of sensitive materials and equipment. Regular movers will transport someone’s belongings to his/her destination on any specified day while Commercial movers usually take days or weeks and the movers need to choose a moving day that limits disruption to everyday operations.

Equipment used and Expertise

It is obvious that commercial movers make use of more equipment due to the technicalities involved in moving office materials. Commercial movers use equipment like dollies, pallet jacks, trucks etc., while a regular mover might just need a few tote, boxes and a truck. Since Commercial movers deal with delicate company machines and electrical materials, commercial movers need to be professionals/experts and they go through extensive training.

You now understand the differences regarding regular vs. commercial movers. The most important thing to know is that the choice depends only on your needs. BBX Moving offers both Regular and Commercial moving services. In case you need to move your business or have a fresh start with your family in another city or state, BBX Moving is here for you.