New Year, New Office! 150 employees, 30,000 sq ft warehouse


Another awesome move that went on time, on budget with no downtime. We worked closely with this client since September 2015 to plan and organize the move of their 150 person office and 30,000 sqf warehouse.

Our planning started 3 months prior to the move. Our client was getting all brand new furniture (see photo above) and we worked closely with them to get all of this furniture installed prior to the move. After confirming move dates, a staff education on purging, packing and labeling was conducted with some laughter, coffee and donuts. We delivered a total of 500 BBX Moving Boxes and 2 weeks later on a wet Friday night started the move. We made sure to move all the IT, equipment and computers first then came back on Saturday to relocate everything else.

Monday morning 8 am, everyone came back to work in their new office space. With everything in the right place including printers and foot rests, the team was back at work with big smiles ready to rock n roll!

But for BBX Moving, the job wasn't done yet. We went into their old space on Wednesday and started taking apart their old furniture. In the end we managed to find a used furniture dealer that worked with charities who took all the furniture. These would be cleaned, donated and re-used. We were extremely happy that both our client's and our sustainability goals and mandates were fulfilled.

Now that the dust has settled and the remaining BBX Moving Boxes picked up, our client is well on their way to an amazing 2016 in their new office!

Team BBX Moving