Blog Post: 6 Commercial Moving Tips For Your Business

6 Commercial Moving Tips For Your Business


Commercial moving is a sign that your business is growing. You might be moving to another office space in order to accommodate more employees or level the playing field with bigger names in the market. Moving might be a stepping stone for your business’s growth, but a lot is at stake here. You need to be careful with the upcoming move because if you won’t, your business can suffer long-term. Commercial moving requires more than just looking for commercial movers for hire; you also have to consider the following:


  1. Your employees should be informed of the details of the move.

Commercial moving doesn’t involve one person alone; it’s actually a team effort from all the individuals working for the business. They too can play an important role in the success of the move. This is the reason why once the details of the move are final, inform all of your employees about it. As a business owner, you should be transparent to your employees and communicate with them all the time. Moving to another location can be challenging for your employees as they might have issues with the daily commute or distance from their children’s school. You can keep all of their worries at bay once there is transparency and communication.


  1. Slowly inform your customers about the move, as well.


Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, your business can’t operate and grow in the long run. Next, to your employees, they should be the next persons to be informed about the upcoming move. If your business accommodates customers personally, your employees should share the news to them. Your employees should also be ready to provide answers to customers who are asking details for the move. You can also pay for different marketing platforms for this purpose. The earlier you inform your customers about this, the better.


  1. Create a checklist for the commercial move.


Relocating your business to another location isn’t easy because aside from the number of tasks you have to complete, you also have to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Every single employee in the business should be aware of his or her tasks to avoid redundancy and ensure efficiency in completing these tasks. You can achieve this goal simply by creating a checklist for the move. Will your employees do the packing or will the movers from NYC do it on your behalf? What days should they be working and off their schedule? All of these questions can be answered with a moving checklist.


  1. Prepare furniture and electronics for moving.


Your business can never operate without pieces of furniture and electronics. These two are essential in all of the facets of your business. Because of its importance, you should be careful in handling these especially when you’re hiring movers. For your electronics, all cables should be removed from the computers, placed in a zip locked bag, and labeled accordingly to the computer it goes with. This will make it easier for you to assemble everything once you arrive in the new office space. All of your data should also be backed up in a flash drive or cloud server.

As for the pieces of furniture, count and identify those you want to bring in the new office space. You can consider using a list to easily keep track of the movements of your furniture. This is helpful especially if you’re planning to hire movers for hire.


  1. Get rid of unwanted items.


This one’s a no-brainer. If you want your move to be easy and cheap, get rid of all the unwanted items in your office. This can include outdated documents, broken furniture and everything in between. If your employees are no longer using these things, it’s better to toss them out weeks before the move. You don’t want to bring anything that’ll only collect dust in your new office space, right?


  1. Keep all of the receipts you’ve acquired throughout the move.


Money is an important resource for a business. You need to be careful with all of your expenses to ensure the business’s longevity. Since you will be paying for a lot of things during the move, be sure to keep all of the receipts acquired. With these receipts, it’ll be easier for you and your employees to determine the total expenses of the move. You can assess if you were able to follow the allotted budget.


Get Back On Track Fast


Moving is a time-consuming and daunting task. It’ll require time and effort from you, not to mention the expenses you’ll have to pay along the way. This is especially true when you’re moving your business anytime soon. Aside from making sure that you’ve accomplished all of the tasks for the move, you also have to be keen on how fast you can continue your operations. Taking too much on the move can mean lost customers and profits. Let this article be your guide so you can steer away from this direction!