1,200 BBX Moving Boxes + 2 Locations in 3 Hours! 40,000 sq ft!

We were called in to help one of our partners move a major retailer. They had two stores that were over 20,000 square feet each needing to be operational by the next morning 10 am sharp and needed 600 BBX Moving Boxes and Dollies in each store.
At first we were told that each store would be moved two weekends apart which gave us lots of time to plan. But as the moving industry goes, the call came in 3 days prior moving day instructing us that both stores had to be moved at the same time!
Due to the tight time frame, we had a 3 hour window on a Friday evening to get 1,200 BBX Moving Boxes and 180 Dollies delivered to two sites on time, on budget and without a hitch! Our truck (BB 1) is not big enough to fit all 1200 boxes and dollies in one load, so we rented a 3 ton truck from our partners. Each truck had two Rental Specialists who delivered the load in 15 minutes upon arriving at their respective sites. This is only possible because of the best in class Box and Dolly system that we have.
Like a well drilled army, our partner movers descended on the stack of BBX Moving Boxes, rolling them throughout the stores to start the packing process. Each box was systematically packed whilst meticulously labeled. They tagged and listed every item and every BBX Moving!
By the next morning 10 am, the new stores opened its doors to welcome customers as though nothing had happened the night before. BB1 and two of our Rental Specialists quietly came back that afternoon and started retrieving the empty boxes.
So if you're a retailer that needs quick, efficient and accurate moving services so your business doesn't skip a heart beat - Call us NOW!