Save Money (and Hassles) With Reusable Self-Move Boxes

Moving is one of life’s least-pleasant experiences, especially when you’re on a budget and you need to do it yourself. It’s overwhelming, it’s exhausting and it can leave you feeling like everything you own is vulnerable to damage until it’s put away in its proper place in your new home. One thing you can do to significantly reduce your own stress level is to rent reusable self-move boxes, which may save you money in more ways than you’d guess.

  • Save On Box Costs And Disposal Hassles – Renting self-move boxes costs less than purchasing cardboard boxes from a moving company or truck rental agency. When you set up your rental, the bin provider will drop off as many bins as you need to pack your household, and you can call for additional bins if you find you’re running low. When you’re done with the containers, call for pick-up, and you’re done. You won’t waste money on disposing of them or waste your time cutting cardboard boxes down and cramming them into your recycle bin week after week until they’re gone.
  • More Efficient Loading – The reusable moving bins are made of hard plastic and designed for hundreds of uses, so you can stack them as high as you need in order to fill your truck to the roof. The uniform size and shape of the bins allow the most efficient use of truck space, so you may be able to save on transport costs by using a smaller truck or making fewer trips to get the job done.
  • Safer Transport – When you have family and friends helping out with a self-move, boxes sometimes get knocked over, dropped, or crushed. Of course, they mean well, but your brother-in-law and hockey mates are not professional movers, and accidents can happen. Plastic moving bins load easily onto a dolly, and they stay safely stacked, so you can move your things faster, without worrying about breakage. You’ll never again have to experience that heart-stopping moment when someone adds just one box too many to the pile, and the whole thing caves in, leaving you to watch as your household goods get crushed, tumbled and bounced.
  • Weather-Resistant Packing – When moving day happens to bring rain, sleet, or snow, or maybe it’s muddy and wet because a storm has recently passed through, you’ll find that everything will come through in much better shape if it’s been packed in plastic moving bins. In addition to water-resistant tops, these bins offer solid, water-tight bottoms that won’t fall out if they’re accidentally set down in a puddle.

Self-Move Boxes That Lighten Your Load

Moving your own household can be incredibly stressful, and it’s a time when any and all help and reassurance comes as a welcome relief. Give yourself a head start on saving time, money, and aggravation by skipping the old-school cardboard boxes and calling for a delivery of reusable plastic moving bins. It’s one smart move that can seriously lighten your load! Call us now at 1-855-286-4629 or click here to order.