Moving? How To Avoid Winter Weather Damage To Your Stuff

Moving to or from the Edmonton region requires a lot of careful planning, particularly during the winter months. Throughout the coldest season of the year snow, sleet, ice and other frigid conditions can not only make your move uncomfortable, it also increases the chance for damage to your belongings. If you're faced with a winter move this year, you will want to know a few simple tips to protect your gear and safely transport all of your belongings from point A to point B.

Step #1: Rent Moving Boxes In Edmonton

The first step in safeguarding your personal effects during your winter weather move? Rent moving boxes in Edmonton. Unlike flimsy cardboard, premium quality plastic moving boxes are virtually weather proof. Once shut, your possessions will be enclosed in a container specifically designed to keep out precipitation of any kind without getting mushy or losing its shape throughout the transport.

Step #2: Plan For Enough Time

Winter weather can mean icy road conditions and traffic. It's critical to plan for extra packing time throughout your move day, especially if a major storm is predicted to hit the area during your move.

Step #3: Get Your Utilities Set Up

Power, heat, and electricity are all musts during a winter move. Contact your local utility companies to discuss your moving day setup and ensure that everything is on and ready for you on the day that you arrive.

Step #4: Clear Walkways At Both Properties

Take a little extra time to shovel paths both from your old home and to your new home. Having the snow and debris off the walking paths can help keep everyone involved in the move on their feet. You will also want to clear off staircases and high traffic areas inside the homes as well, to give everyone an unobstructed path as they carry your items

Step #5: Think About Your Floors

Your personal items aren't the only things that will warrant protection during a winter move. You will also want to think about the floors at both your old and new residences. As people come in and out they will track in snow, dirt, mud, and ice. Lay down towels in high traffic areas and periodically dry floor spots that have gotten wet to avoid accidents and falls.

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