Is My Business Large Enough to Justify Hiring Commercial Movers?

SMB owners are often responsible for shouldering many burdens that large corporations are able to outsource or even devote a whole in-house department to. Management, data entry, customer care, payroll, and bookkeeping are just a few examples of duties a small business owner might assume responsibility for. The extensive workload these ambitious individuals take on is commendable – and it’s all in an attempt to cut costs, expand their business, and ensure they are able to pay employees a fair wage. 

With that said, many SMB owners mistakenly believe that an office move should be approached with the same mindset and, while in some cases this makes sense, more often than not DIY in this circumstance not only puts an excessive amount of stress on the owner but also the employees. As well, it has the potential to trickle down into, and negatively affect, every facet of the operation. Ultimately, this risky business move can end up costing an owner money rather than saving it. 

As the owner of a SMB, you might be asking yourself if your company is large enough to consider commercial movers – and the answer is a resounding YES. 

There are many reasons to throw your preconceived, negative beliefs about hiring professionals out the window – one of them being the backwards assumptions surrounding cost, and how much you would really be saving by doing it all on your own.

Because it is generally presumed that hiring a professional moving company is an exorbitant expense, the first instinct is to write the idea off entirely – however, if you look at the big picture cost as well as the variables concerning an office move, you will be forced to question everything you thought you knew. 


If you were superhuman, it might make sense to assume you could safely and effectively move all valuable personal items, breakables, and costly office equipment such as computers, industrial printers etc. After all, nobody will take care of these items like you – the owner – would. However, the reality is that most owners are forced to employ the help of friends, family, and company employees to assist in the task of packing, loading/unloading as well as the transport of office equipment and furniture – and unfortunately, this means there is much more room for error. Items can be misplaced or handled carelessly, equipment can be packed without sufficient protection from breakage, and heavy items can be easily dropped in the loading/unloading process. This can result in damage or loss of expensive company property, which would of course affect your bottom line. Factor in that you’re dealing with potentially dozens of computers and other pricey gear, and entrusting this equipment to non-professionals who have nothing at stake? Now you’re just asking for trouble. 

Another potential setback of moving yourself is the inevitable delay in completing other business-related tasks, some of which are time-sensitive. When you assume the obligation of moving your office, you are essentially putting your clients’ needs and other important business activities on the backburner. This can end up costing you the respect and trust of valuable customers, as well as create a backlog of jobs that require your attention.

When considering all the possible mishaps of moving without the assistance of a trusted moving company such as BBX Moving, you start to realize all the ways this route can be more costly in the long run – which really means the size of your company is irrelevant. It’s always advisable to seek out a commercial moving company rather than run the risk of falling victim to the tropes of DIY. Contact us to learn more.