How Do Professional Movers Differ From Non-Professional Helpers

There are many ways in which moving an office is different from moving home-to-home—just like there is great disparity between a professional moving company and a group of amateur helpers. While we can completely understand why some residential moves might not require assistance from professionals - when it comes to commercial relocation, the DIY route is not something we would ever recommend.

Some business owners with an impending move might assume that as long as they have enlisted the help of friends, family, and employees, they will not require additional support in the form of professional movers or special supplies. This is a very short-sighted position to take, as no one move is the same—and especially in the case of an office move, a few friends and family members will not cut it when you compare them against professionals who are extensively trained to undergo complex moves every single day.

Most have endured the dreaded residential moving experience—and in general, it’s not a memory you’ll want to relive. Anecdotally, moves tend to make a very painful example out of the phrase “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”—and most have a horror story or two to tell in that regard. For example, heavy furniture which wasn’t properly carried or maneuvered through a narrow hallway chipped the drywall, or a tv was dropped and broken. You slipped trying to move your grandmother’s antique dresser or your friend dropped a box containing priceless fragile items. This is a very common tale in the DIY moving experience—and though many breakables hold high sentimental and/or monetary value, it isn’t as though you have to answer to a client, like in some cases pertaining to an office move.

An office computer holds substantial amounts of information and files— which by losing could cost you more than just the price of a new computer. As a business owner, you are responsible for potentially dozens if not hundreds of sensitive and important electronic documents—if breakage occurs, you risk losing everything you have on that computer, which subsequently puts your whole business in jeopardy.

As well, there is much more monetary value on the line in the case of a commercial move—several computers, printers/scanners, expensive office furniture and filing cabinets. It’s one thing for an office chair to break, but many business owners can’t afford to replace their brand new industrial printer or several computers.

Professional movers have been trained to correctly lift heavy/bulky items as well as navigate various types of treacherous walkways, hallways, stairs and doorframes. They are highly skilled at what they do, and you will be taking much less risk by putting your trust into the hands of a respected moving company. As well, you can feel at ease knowing that in most cases, a reputable moving company will have a contract in place to protect you and your office valuables in the event that an item breaks in the moving process. This is fairly standard for any professional company.

At BBX Moving, we have all the necessary supplies, support, and skill to undertake any complex office relocation. We treat each and every move with the utmost care and precision so you can take the gamble out of the equation. Give us a call to get started.