Go Green for Your Move: The Environmental Benefits of Renting Plastic Moving Boxes

The process of moving tends to involve a lot of recycling. Not only are you sorting through all of your possessions to determine what comes with you to the new place, what you’ll sell, and what you’ll donate, you’ve also likely been saving away cardboard boxes that you think will be helpful when it comes time to pack. Whether you’re visiting the nearest grocery store for those sturdy produce boxes or squirreling away every box from your online shopping, you’re trying to recycle as many cardboard boxes as you can find to assist with your move. Sure, this is a great strategy if you’re looking to avoid purchasing cardboard moving boxes and be ecologically conscious, however, there is a better way that will save you time, money, and streamline your moving process: BBX Moving.

You may think cardboard is better than plastic—and it is, when we’re talking about recycling single use containers—but when it comes to moving boxes, it is far more economically and environmentally friendly to rent plastic moving boxes. Cardboard boxes lose their integrity quickly, be it through multiple uses or contact with water, and can easily dent or tear, leaving your possessions exposed to all sorts of damage. Their lack of uniform sizing makes loading your moving van a game of Tetris that can result in more space being taken up when trying to fit odd sizes.

Rent Plastic Moving Boxes with BBX Moving

Using BBX Moving to move is a refined solution to a range of moving challenges. Their practicality ensures that users can simply click the lid to tightly close and seal contents against the weather and other outside elements. This ensures protection against damage that would normally be sustained by a cardboard box should it encounter any water or bumps along the way. Their uniform shape, convenient stackability, and additional 4-wheeled dolly significantly reduce the time of your move and tend to take up far less space in a moving van, saving you money not only on the hourly cost of movers but on the size of the van you’ll need. You’ll also save space inside your house when packing and unpacking, as BBX Moving Boxes stack neatly inside of each other for easy storage. What’s more, not having to tape up boxes saves money on packing supplies and time on assembly.

A BBX Moving can be used and reused up to 400 times and is made from 100% recycled HDPE materials. They are hand cleaned and thoroughly sanitized after each use with eco-friendly biodegradable cleaning products so every step of the way is environmentally friendly. When the time comes to retire a BBX Moving, rest assured they are fully recyclable. Talk about reducing your environmental footprint!

Save time, money, and space by renting plastic moving boxes from BBX Moving. Call us when you’re ready to get started and we’ll help determine how many boxes you’ll need, then drop them off at the requested time. All you have to do is stack, pack, and store them away until moving day and we’ll collect them when they’re empty.