What Is the Process of Commercial Moving as Opposed to Residential?

Moving is a massive enterprise under any circumstances – it will always require able-bodied individuals, adequate supplies, time and moving trucks. 

While the stressors involved with residential and commercial moves can look similar or the same, there are some major differences that might make it worth considering services/rental equipment/supplies offered by a professional moving company. Today we will discuss a few of these key differences.


Office relocations often involve more items/furniture/equipment to pack/unpack/transport than with a residential move. Even small offices typically house multiple desks, computers, industrial sized printers/shredders/scanners, office desks and chairs, filing cabinets etc. Therefore, office relocations require more time and effort, which is often not something business owners can afford. Because of this, many will opt for a professional moving company to handle the quite literal “heavy lifting” entailed in a commercial move.


There is usually alargequantity of pricey equipment involved in an office move, and consequently a much higher risk when it comes to accidental damage to expensive items such as computers. Many business owners don’t feel comfortable leaving so much costly gear in the hands of non-professionals, so they hire movers to mitigate the risk. As well, in the unlikely event that damage does occur in the hands of professionals, you are generally covered for things like replacement and/or repair. There is a considerably higher amount of company cash on the line with office moves, so it’s best not to take any chances and risk paying the price for an unfortunate mishap. Most often with residential moves, the cost of damage isn’t as severe, making it a little easier to justify foregoing a moving company.


Not only is damage to equipment such as computers expensive in terms of direct monetary value, but they also contain important and sensitive information that could potentially be lost in the event that breakage occurs. Computers hold vital client data and the loss of such data could easily cost a business valuable and longstanding client relationships. 


Probably the most significant difference between residential and commercial moves is the fact that residential moves don’t require a business to pause important operations. Without the use of commercial movers, company and client needs are inevitably pushed aside and the business suffers. Employees shouldn’t be concerning themselves with moving an office, they should be focusing on the task at hand – their job. Office managers shouldn’t be expected to take on the added responsibility of facilitating an entire office relocation on top of their already extremely important responsibilities – and this is where business owners will find they struggle to keep their company running effectively and efficiently. On the other hand, those who hire a company to handle this huge undertaking are allowed the time they so desperately need to keep their businesses functioning properly. 

Don’t make the mistake of assuming office moves are comparable to residential. 

At BBX Moving, we can help to ease the burden. Our company specializes in commercial office relocations and we make it our mission to take as much stress out of your move as we possibly can. We have a variety of options including professional movers, rental supplies and much more. Contact us today to get started.