The Real Numbers Behind the Cardboard vs Plastic Debate

The math really says it all.

It's really easy to simply state that plastic moving boxes are more environmentally friendly, easier to stack and generally better than cardboard. Everyone says so. But where is the real, measureable data that makes that statement true?

The shocking answer is there are no studies published online that run the numbers that definitively determine that using plastic moving boxes are more eco-friendly than cardboard.

Until now.

We take the environmental issue of moving very seriously here at BBX Moving. So seriously, in fact, that we have spent a great deal of time researching (and doing lots of really tough math) to give you the straight goods on why plastic trumps cardboard everytime.

According to it requires about 47 boxes of varying sizes to move a 3 bedroom home. Since an average box (16" x 12" x 12") weighs approximately 7oz when empty, we can determine that 47 of those 7 oz boxes would have a total weight of 329oz - or 10kg.

The website states that 10kg of paper products require C02 emissions of 48kg and the loss of habitat of 37 square metres.

37 square metres really isn't a lot of habitat. It's only about 400 square feet or 20% of the inside of a 2,000 square foot home.

However, if you consider that in 2006 Statistics Canada reported that 14% (or 4,363,000 family units) of Canada's population moved house between 2005 and 2006 that 37 square metres becomes a much larger issue.

If each Canadian on the move used cardboard boxes for their move, moving Canadians would account for 39,890 acres of lost habitat. PER YEAR!

That's an area equivalent to approximately 47 Central Parks or 40 Stanley Parks, the state of Florida or the country of Liechtenstein! All for one year's worth of moving in Canada. In 10 years Canadians could destroy habitat larger than the size of the entire city of Toronto. (Toronto is approx. 255,000 acres)

These numbers do not take into account the re-use of cardboard for moving and we do allow that many people make the effort to reuse boxes. However, many of the boxes that are obtained from grocery stores etc are waxed to protect them from dampness during transport and those are not recyclable and are therefore considerably more damaging to our environment.

By comparisson, BBX Moving Boxes can be used again and again and again. In fact, the life of a BBX Moving has yet to be determined since we haven't broken any yet.

There are some out there who argue that cardboard is a recylable material and that's a point. Cardboard is recyclable yet it, along with other paper products, make up 30% of our landfill content. So even though it IS recyclable, it's often NOT recycled.

Finally, and this is the best part...BBX Moving is cheaper than cardboard! I know, right?

Remember up in the 3rd paragraph where we mention the moving box company? Well, to move a 3 bedroom home with cardboard would cost you $120 but with BBX Moving the same home can be moved safer and much easier with only $103! Even better? We'll throw in an extra week for free when you like our Facebook page.

So there it is. Plastic moving boxes are a much better choice for the environment, your wallet, ease of use (we bring them right to you!), your conscience and the future of the planet.

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