Reusable Office Moving Boxes Can Help Lighten The Load

If your business is relocating, reusable office moving boxes can help you lighten the load by keeping everyone on track about how much they’re allowed to move, while also cutting costs for truck space. If it’s time to make plans for relocating your business, reusable office moving boxes can help you take advantage of the opportunity to lighten the load. It’s a perfect time to consider taking your office to a paperless archive storage system, to review which paper documents are old enough to be purged, and to get your employees to carefully consider what is in their workspaces, and what really needs to be moved.

Built-In Space Limits

 When you rent reusable plastic office moving boxes, you’ll choose which sizes of boxes employees will have access to for packing their workspaces. If you plan ahead with a “Lighten Up” event, you’ll encourage everyone to start sorting through their workspaces ahead of time.  Start with a meeting to let employees know how much space they have been allotted for the move.  For example, those who work in cubicles will be allowed two or three standard-sized boxes (whichever limit you choose to set), while people who work in offices might be allowed two standard and two extra-large boxes.

It’s also a good time to review office equipment like printers, scanners, fax machines, and other smaller, packable technology. If you discover items that are rarely used or no longer working their best, it may be more cost-effective to replace or eliminate them entirely, rather than moving them.

Safer, More Efficient Packing And Moving 

Reusable office moving boxes feature sturdy lids designed to support the weight of several more boxes so they can be stacked higher than cardboard boxes without the risk of crushing the contents. The boxes are cleaned between uses and the lids are water-resistant and help keep your goods free of dust. There’s less risk of damage in transport and less to do when you unpack: you simply put clean goods in and get clean goods out. In terms of packing, that’s a great advantage because you can fit the loaded boxes into a smaller staging area for the movers. You’ll also spend less on truck space and moving labour because the movers will be able to stack your boxes to the roof inside the trucks, and they can safely move larger stacks of boxes on a hand-truck or dolly.

Get Back To Normal Faster

Starting with an organized plan also helps your business get back to normal operation faster. Depending on the size and type of business you run and what kinds of items your employees need in their work spaces, you may build a plan to have the movers drop everyone’s office moving boxes off in their work spaces, or you might consider a zoned approach, where movers leave boxes in a central location in each area and employees would retrieve them from there. Obviously, planning this requires you to compare the cost of moving labour to that of your employee’s time, and to make sure that asking employees to pick up their own boxes from a drop point in the office won’t place too much of a physical burden on them. When the rental moving boxes are all empty, the rental agency will come and pick them up, so you’re not stuck with logistics or waste to contend with when all you want to do is get your business back up and running!

BBX Moving Can Help Lighten Your Load 

BBX Moving offers a variety of reusable plastic boxes to fit every kind of office supply, as well as those personal touches that make your workspace yours. BBX Moving's unique design allows you to stay organized, which means you can unpack and get back to work faster.

Contact us for more information on how BBX Moving can lighten the load of your next office move.