Planning And Plastic Moving Boxes Protect Your Items During A Move

Moving is exciting, but it's also overwhelming. The stress often stems from two key features of any move: Packing and unpacking. Most people are surprised to learn that, when it comes to packing boxes, it's important to have a strategy to ensure all of your personal belongings arrive safely. Knowing how to protect all of your belongings during the packing phase will make the unpacking process far less stressful. Follow a few simple tips to protect all of your beloved possessions during your relocation.

Rent Plastic Moving Boxes

Safely transporting all of your belongings starts with the containers you use for your move. Forego cardboard boxes that rip, tear, and deteriorate. The best option for protecting your possessions is plastic moving boxes. Plastic moving boxes are made from highly durable plastics capable of withstanding a wide range of variables that may occur during your move. Wet weather, bouncing around in a moving truck, or even getting dropped – plastic moving boxes maintain their shape and structure to keep your items safe. Renting plastic moving boxes from a reputable provider is a great first step in ensuring all of your stuff makes it to your new address in one piece. Don’t forget, it's not enough to use plastic bins; you have to select the right sized plastic bins. Rent various-sized storage containers that will work well with the different sizes and shapes of the items you need to pack.

Once you’ve acquired your plastic moving boxes, here are some tips to get you started packing them:

Consider Weight

Think about the weight of your belongings when packing boxes. Pack heavier items at the bottom of the bins and lighter items on top.

Fill In The Gaps

Empty spaces in the boxes leave room for mishaps and damage. Once you've put everything you need in a storage container, fill in any extra spaces between items. Use clothing, towels or packing papers to keep the box tightly packed and balanced.

Go Room By Room

Don't mix different items from different rooms in the same boxes. Keep everything from one living space in the same box to make it as easy as possible when it's time to begin the unpacking process.

Label Containers

After you've packed and organized all your boxes, be sure to put a label on them. Include the room it should be placed in, as well as a general description of its contents to make your move as efficient as possible.

Get the packing process started on the right foot. Contact BBX Moving for more information on our plastic storage bins and packing solutions.