Moving Day: Office Edition—Use Reusable Moving Boxes and Other Tips for a Seamless Office Move

Relocating your office means managing a lot of logistics, as well as managing the expectations of all of your employees. It's never too early to start the planning process to ensure you and your staff are well-prepared to execute a seamless move to your new Vancouver address. Following a few simple tips during your office move can help streamline the entire process and get you and your employees to their new professional home with as little stress as possible. Here is a list to help make your move more seamless, within your budget and less stressful.


Prepare Early and Plan Ahead

Begin planning as soon as possible. Office moves require coordinating a lot of people and items, so plan at least 6 months in advance if possible. For larger businesses, consider planning a year ahead. Give yourself plenty of time in advance to work out all the arrangements surrounding your office move and allow for unforeseen circumstances.


Appoint a Moving Manager and Make a To-Do List

You know the saying about too many cooks spoiling the soup? Too many people in charge of a move tend to mean key details get missed. Appoint one employee to be the moving manager and a backup manager and put them in charge of things like ensuring the phone and internet accounts are moved, deliveries and mail forwarding is set up, IT has access to prepare the cabling set up in the new space, delivery of new furniture, and other moving logistics. Have them create a to-do list and delegate tasks from there. Be sure that the to-do list prioritizes essential items and has a timeline so nothing gets forgotten.

Since many buildings require that tenants move during non-business hours, the moving manager should make sure that the HVAC will be on during your move and that your movers will have the access they need to freight elevators and the exterior doors nearest them. Having a single point of contact helps prevent things from falling through the cracks. On moving day, your move manager and backup manager should split up, so you have someone whose only job is to know what’s going on and keep an eye on things at each end of your move.


Keep Everyone Informed

Communication with your employees is key to ensuring a successful office move. Keep your staff in the loop at all times, explaining various moving milestones that need to be hit, as well as the specific day and time the move will occur, so they are well-informed throughout the process.


Plan Your New Space

It may seem counterintuitive to start with the new office but if you make a detailed plan for your new space it will be easier to determine what to move, what to get rid of, and in what order things need to be done. Start by mapping out where your employees will go and then the office equipment. Once you’ve got a basic floor plan you can make a design plan that covers furniture and aesthetic design like artwork, signage, and other decorative items.


Pare Down Before You Pack

Using your new office plan as a guide, look over what’s in your old office with a critical eye. Obviously, if there’s no space in the new office for something, it needs to go, but think hard about things you might be tempted to move and cast off later. If your office chairs are nearing replacement time is it really worth it to move them and buy new ones soon after? Does the artwork in your current office suit the look you’re going for in the new office? Remind yourself that paying to move old items that you’re likely to replace in the next year or so effectively raises the cost of replacement.

Get your employees involved with the moving preparations as soon as possible. Everyone in the office needs to go through what’s currently in their workspace and see what really needs to be packed and moved and what can safely be disposed of. Have employees take home personal items in the days leading up to the move that they can bring to the new office once everyone is settled. Allot every employee a number of reusable moving boxes, and be sure they understand that they need to fit everything within that allotment.


Pick a Date for Your Move

Make sure the timing of your move doesn't interfere with your business. In that respect, moving on the weekend sometimes helps. But as a rule of thumb, try to pick the least impactful time to move, so you don't disrupt business.


Rent Reusable Moving Boxes

The first step in a successful office move is renting reusable plastic moving boxes in Vancouver. Plastic moving bins deliver optimal durability for your professional relocation. Most importantly, reusable plastic moving boxes prove extremely affordable, ensuring you stick to your budget at all times. You select the size and quantity of the boxes you'll need and they will be delivered right to your office. You and your employees can pack these reusable moving boxes with equipment and supplies. By packing in durable reusable moving boxes, Vancouver area businesses can simplify their moves, save money on moving supplies and transportation costs, and organize in a way that makes unpacking and getting back to work faster.


Hire Professional Office Movers

An office move is not the time to cut costs and try to do yourself. With so much equipment and heavy furniture, you’ll save time and your back by hiring a professional. A trusted and reliable company such as BBX Moving has the experience, equipment, supplies and manpower to swiftly and successfully move your office, no matter the size or time constraints – you can rest assured we will figure out the best way to complete even the most complicated move, all while minimizing as much stress as possible on your end. This means you are able to focus on maintaining forward motion with your business, without interruption. 


Move IT Equipment First

Your office technology houses a lot of your business's proprietary information and helps keep your operations running at maximum capacity. Be sure to get this critical equipment to your new space first, if possible, so you can set up and get back to business as usual as quickly as possible.

By following these simple steps and guidelines, you can be confident that your office move will be a smooth and successful one. In turn, your company will remain productive and profitable - period. Take the first step to de-stressing your next office move by renting moving boxes from BBX Moving. Contact our office today to learn more about renting plastic moving bins to save time and money on your pending relocation.